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Level 7

Cirrus and CheckPoint Devices

We currently have several CheckPoint VPN-1 Edge appliances deployed to our remote locations. Has anyone been able to manage CheckPoint devices with Cirrus? If so, how did it go?

What are your experiences with any other non-Cisco devices and Cirrus?

Any feedback would be appreciated!

Thanks much,


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Level 12

I'm using Cirrus with Cisco and Dell devices.

Specifically Dell PowerConnect 3324, 3348, 3424, 3448, 6024 and 6024F switches.

Initially Cirrus wouldn't work with the Dell switches but I gave a Solarwinds developer access to a few of our switches and the next release of Cirrus worked like a charm.

You might want to give their support a call and ask to speak to a developer if possible.
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