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Checkpoint firewall backup using NCM

Hi Team,

           We are going to backup the Switches,routers& firewall using NCM.I have a idea about the switches,Routers how the backup is working.I don't how how to backup the config for Checkpoint using NCM.Please anyone help me how to backup a Checkpoint firewall?

*What type of config will NCM take in Checkpoint firewall?

*What type of command will run on checkpoint firewall while backup?

* Is there any script for checkpoint firewall backup?

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Update from SolarWinds Tech support:

From both trace files, I do not see any configs being downloaded or commands sent for it.

Though the Command to disable paging in both device templates shows invalid
command: 'terminal length 0'.

Do these devices need an enable password?

Some devices like Cisco ASA require enable mode and enable password to be able
to issue commands.

I see for a CheckPoint Firewall 77.30 it looks to be the reset command for
disabling paging is "set clienv rows 0" and there is only one config
type, no startup or running and the command is just "show

I also found that CheckPoint Firewall R65 has an enable mode but the command
and name is "expert".

Kind Regards,
SolarWinds Technical Support

Thank you very much!!

Excelent info!1

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I am having the same issue.  I just opened a ticket with SolarWinds to see if there is any new information that might help in this.  We just switched over to Checkpoint.

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Hello pdhineshk,

We tried to use NCM to backup our Checkpoint FWs but ran into a multitude of problems. So now we FTP the configs over to an external server. 

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Forgot to add, maybe you can check with Solarwinds to see if there is a device template for the version of Checkpoint devices you are trying to backup via NCM.

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