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Can't set NCM Archive Location after upgrading to 2020.2.1

We just upgraded from a 2018 version to 2020.2.1 and have found that it's not accepting our UNC share for Config Archive nor can I change it back to the default local path.  It was working prior to the upgrade and I've verified I can access said share manually using the credential set in NCM.  Said credential validates in NCM without issue.  It just insists it's an invalid config archive directory.

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Level 13

New Hotfix Release should address this issue NCM 2020.2.1 HF1



Level 7

Experiencing the same issue after upgrading to 2020.2.1 (from the previous version) - definitely not a credential issue and have tried even workarounds such as mapping the drive of the UNC path. 

The issue seems to be around the Network Share Setting to use custom credentials from what I've seen. It's strange, but that setting disabled, it accepts the path even though it does not have access to it? I've temporarily turned off the custom credentials and am doing backups locally.. not a great fix, would love to know how to resolve this.

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I had the same issue, I reported the fault to Solarwinds three weeks ago and this is the reply:-

"In relation to the reported issue our development group has investigated your issue and have identified a bug in our product. We have added this bug to our list of known defects and will prioritize it for future release according to its severity and scope of impact to our customer base.  
We value your opinion as a customer and without you we wouldn’t have such strong features in our products. Please be sure to keep an eye on our future published release notes, where our list of bug fixes are documented: 

At the moment, we have no definite timeline yet on when the fix/patch release will be. The development team is still working on making sure that it will be stable enough for a general release.

The case will now be temporarily closed on the front end but rest assured that the escalated bug/defect case is still open and as soon as there is a fix/patch, information will be sent out regarding the details.

If you have a new issue unrelated to the original case - I invite you to open a new case online at or you can visit Thwack – SolarWinds Community Support Forum for additional information and help.

Thank you for reporting this issue and helping us make the tools better for everyone."

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