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Level 12

Can't find custom property I added in drop down list to allow me to "group by" when selecting nodes for config change template to run on

I created a custom property which I planned to populate with a value which would distinguish it and allow me to choose this particular node to run my config change template on. However when I go to choose nodes on which to execute my script on it is not available to select from the dropdown list??? I can go to my custom property editor on my NPM server and see it there right in front of me but when I go to use it as a selection criteria when using a config change template its not available!

It is however, a property with which I can group nodes from the "Manage Nodes" page of my web console? Anyone encountered this before?

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Level 8

In an older version of SW I had to restart all my servers after adding custom properties to be able to use them anywhere. Thankfully, that is no longer the case in a more recent version.


Level 10

If you edit the custom property is the Grouping check box selected as below?


Level 10

What is the object the custom property is based on?  Could you display a screenshot?

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I am basing/attaching/associating the custom property on/with a router. Below is the list of custom properties available for me to choose as a selection criteria for the nodes on which I wish to run a config change template


No sign of     include_for_bgp_job  property which I have created.....


However in the Manage Nodes tab of my NPM web console the property is there for me to use as a selection??


And no it's not there if I scroll up in config change template drop down! Ha ha. Strange though, it's like I've maxed the memory on Custom properties????

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I have seen hundreds of custom properties before. The way they are added to the database, I'm not really sure there is a maximum number.

That being said, make sure that your NCM and NPM databases have been synchronized after making the custom property.

Settings > NCM Settings > Sync Nodes



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