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Level 12

Baseline "feature" is irrelevant to real work flows within Networking

I knew the way to baseline nodes changed in this version, really looking at it more closely has put it close to irrelevant, the old way to do baselines needs to be brought back and included as a job type.

Here is the link to the Baseline steps for the latest version:

Below is the snippet explaining the 2 options for the new feature, neither of which I find relevant in every day life

"With the improved baseline management features in NCM 7.9, a baseline can be assigned to multiple devices, and multiple baselines can be assigned to one device.”

I would never assign a baseline to multiple devices, and I would most likely never assign multiple baselines to one device, that is what compliance is for, it checks the differences of commonalities between devices. It is too inefficient to do this task now, and the besides that job type was also removed so each node would have to be touched in order to create a set of baselines for something such as a DR.


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Level 16

Config snippet has problems .. empty configuration statement on device 

or the statement is different place In bough you will get no match..

I like the idea of a master’s not working well here...

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