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Backup network switch

is there a product that will automatically back a switch configuration? I know you can force a backup with ncm. I want to make a repository of the network gear and have a daily backup of switches and routers.

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How do you set it to back up automatically?

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After you have purchased NCM... then you can go to Home > Jobs... then 'Create new Job'. On the job creation, select 'Download Configs from Devices'. Ten all you have to do is set the parameters for which devices to backup and how often.


I am creating a new job, selected "Download Configs from Devices" to do weekly backups on my switch configs but when I go to 'Choose Nodes'..I don't see any of my nodes that I have in I missing something?

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How do you view or download the config? We haven't purchased it yet. I just want to be ahead of the game. I switched companies and havent used SW NCM in about 4 months. The screenshots helped me with refreshing the look

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Once you have downloaded configs from your device, they will show up in a "Config List" widget. There is also a 'Configs' tab created as part of every node to access them.

I've done a daily config compare of my firewalls to publish a daily report each morning showing the before and after of all firewall changes the day before. It's a nice feature to have. You can compare configs of a device from any two config saves, or you can compare configs from two different devices.

Nice...does it keep multiple backup Incase one backup was bad. Or if you need an earlier backup?

I will have to collab with you to send the alerts in the changes. That sounds like it should be a standard with NCM backup option

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Like I said check out the demo, you'll find all your answers in there.

But to answer your questions, yes it will keep multiple configs - as many as you like. You can set it to something like keep 20 copies of the config or keep the last 6 months worth of configs (which is what I used).

NCM is a top product. It will also do real time change detection where you will get an email when someone makes a change on a router or switch. Config comparison reports are also handy in that you can compare start to running config and see if the config has been written of. You can do jobs where you run a command on all the switches to say check something like power status. Then in your report you can check for switches that have faulty power supplies. The options are endless!

Is there a way once I add a node into Orion and publish the NCM creds that it can be automatically set in the backup role?

I just 300+ cisco nodes (switches, routers, wlc, firewalls) into the latest version of Orion coming from version 2015.1.2

I used a test site and added in each node to a backup solution. Since we do have servers I do not want to add those to the network gear back up.

Would I be able to do something like this?


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I use Custom Properties heavily here to better define what, when, where to have jobs associated to Nodes within NCM. I use properties like role or function to identify systems so that the fall into my schedule jobs even across platform or Vendor.

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marnell​ so you want all nodes that are not servers to be added to the NCM config backup job? You can do this by using the 'Machine Type' conditions to the Job.

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Is there a way in NCM without a syslog to see who made changes?

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marnell​ Unfortunately no, we have no other way to see who made the edits outside of displaying the details in a syslog.

Use the Solarwinds online demo to see the product in action.

Then click on My Dashboards and select Configs

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