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Backup a Linux "File.conf" with NCM

I need to make a backup of files in Linux folders. As I have seen, scripts are needed to do this but I only find it with very old versions of Linux, you could help me update some NCM Template.

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ssmax​ You can use NCM to download a great many things from a Linux server, however, you must configure a new device template, as well as config type, first.

Here are a couple of links which may help you.

Using NCM To Manage Our Linux Servers

Enable a new config type in NCM

Other than that, you will obviously need credentials for connecting to your Linux servers. Otherwise, that's about it. Once you get the first couple of things setup, it should just work like any other NCM node.

Let us know how it goes, and if you need any further assistance.

Thank you,



NCM is designed to be used with network devices (and not for backing up Windows/Linux files) and thus supports the following file extensions:

NCM Archive: .Config

SolarWinds Cisco Config Downloader: .CiscoConfig

Text File: .txt

Configuration File: .cfg

Any file in ASCII text

Best regards,


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