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Automatically pushing an IOS to a Cisco device when it comes online.

Been working with Solarwinds for a bit now but I’m a NCM noob. We have a number of Cisco routers that have Cellular NIMs and EHWIC modules in them that are used for mobile retail locations. It’s kinda hit or miss when the router will come online. Up to this point we’ve done firmware updates the old fashioned way. Is there a how to or blog that walks through this type is situation?  Fixed infrastructure is obviously easy, the the dynamic of the device coming up or going down randomly is obviously alittle nonstandard. Thanks.

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If you are asking if NCM can run a firmware update when it 'sees' a condition then maybe this will work

1. Firmware upgrade job defined, which would probably be defined in Config Change template

2. A core Orion alert set to look for certain condition: node is up AND firmware = 12.4 AND model = cuz AND site = ABC

3. Action uses execute script

4. Script uses Orion API to pass variables and execute the firmware upgrade job


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Level 12

Are you referring to have NCM delay when it checks the node after the upgrade has been completed?

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