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Automatic Password Rotation


I'm new to Solarwinds. I can't seem to find a solution for this relatively simple script and cron job. This needs to be executed on the Solarwinds box, since Ansible, Chef, Saltstack etc. is not available at this moment.

At regular intervals Solarwinds needs to change two kinds of passwords. The solution is probably somewhat generic, but in this specific case were talking about SNMP community and ASA user pass for config backup. The Solarwinds box is not allowed to contact the ASAs directly and do any config change.

Steps involved:

- Create new random pass based on some password policy and update it on the Solarwinds box (for a specific node)

- Send a REST call to a secret server within the customer's infrastructure, including the new password and network node in question

- The REST call initiates the password change on the secret server and the secret server updates the firewalls (Solarwinds box not involved in this step)

- Solarwinds gets a HTTP response code back and creates a record internally for audit purposes and possible troubleshooting

I hope someone can help. Thanks.

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