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Level 9

Auto download config after remediation script?

Is this possible?

As it currently stands, running a remediation script yields no feedback as to whether it actually achieved the desired result since solarwinds doesn't automatically download another copy of the config until its scheduled to do so

I know I can manually go and download a config, but if there's a widespread change to a whole bunch of devices, its a pain to go and download the config for them. I could download ALL configs for ALL devices easily enough, but that's a bit overkill as maybe I have 500 devices, only 100 changed. 400x unnecessary download requests, yet trying to manually pick those 100 is a massive pain

What i'd like is a method to have the relevant configs downloaded again (or just all configs) for that particular device when a remediation script is run on it. So that I can then immediately rerun the compliance check after all nodes have had their script applied and check if they truly are updated

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Level 16

Hi millenium7

I don't use that feature but can use as work around...

"RTCD"   "should" auto download your config with change syslog/trap from the node.

i will agree that the compliance flow should  have "download new running config"  box check mark ..