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802.1x Report on Cisco Access Switches


I need to figure out a way to run a report that gives me graphs of ports that have 802.1x configuration against ports that do not have 802.1x configuration. The test can be against one or multiple specific configuration lines in the switches running configuration (example: "mab" or "dot1x pae authenticator"). I have a report that is running in NCM Compliance Policy Reports but I need a better report that I can show management regarding our access layer compliance. I was thinking there might be a way to make this report in the report writer.

If anyone has ever done anything like this, I would love to get some help or assistance with creating this report.



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Could you not just export your compliance report to CSV / XLS and then use that to create something more management friendly?

Personally, I would be tempted to show management the compliance report within the UI or at least snapshot onto a PDF or PPT, I think the fact it shows a traffic light signal for errors/warnings is a very good visual impact.

- David Smith
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Level 12

To find this data in the config the Compliance or Baseline functions are the current way to do this.

In your executive reports how do you want to display this information?

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Hi Dave, we are trying to create the exact same report as well, but don't have any luck yet.  Were you able to do it, and mind to share some ideas?



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