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7.9 Baseline in bulk

I'm looking for a way to assign a baseline config snippet to about 300 nodes. The only way I've found so far is to select each one manually. Maybe i'm trying to abuse the feature in a way it's not meant to be used. How does everyone else use baselines and am I missing something simple?

Establish baselines as a comparison point for config changes

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Level 12

sean.thompson​​ currently this is limited to manual selection. Would you want to have this done by selecting a vendor and/or model type?

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Sorry for barging jpetkevich I sure like to group  with CP if that not there yet..

We have 300 Cisco or  300 Juniper... from the same model but have different tasks/function like Core node or PE  or SR

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Yes, a dynamic selection based on the vendor and machine type would work for my networks. (If a new device is added to NCM that meet defined criteria, baseline is applied).

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Ah okay, so it is two parts. One is to be able to initially bulk add, but then also be able to have it automatically apply the baseline to new nodes of that type. These sound like two great Feature Requests to get people to vote on!

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I second that question...if that feature works like we hope...

I hope we get a full lab out of this ?Dez

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