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Re: 3850 NCM script problems

Can you check and see the total time of (Download from tftp) to (Start of Install) and (Reboot)?

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Re: 3850 NCM script problems

I don't have a switch at the moment to update via solarwinds but I do recall that when I have manually updated the 3850 if was in the neighborhood of 16-20 minutes to tftp the file (100 Mbps connection) and then perform the install.  Total time from start to finish with the reboot was 23 minutes for a single switch and 27 minutes for a stack of switches (2-9).

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Re: 3850 NCM script problems

Not positive its still happening or not, but for some time NCM has been either collapsing multiple blank lines or removing blanks altogether.   It's best to not have blank lines in your scripts.   If it requires a simple <return> to choose whatever the default is, lets say it needs a "y" answer, go ahead and put the "y" in.

You are correct that keeping it as short as possible is best too, long scripts can have issues esp. if the command doesn't process quickly.

Good luck!

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