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Monitoring Central Blogs

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It can often seem like you don’t have enough hours in the day when supporting your employees and delivering IT services. This can become even more challenging if you don’t have complete and up-to-date visibility into your IT environment, since your underlying infrastructure affects the services you provide your employees.

For example, repeating issues can stem from faulty IT components such as servers or network devices with a history of errors. Moreover, a lack of insights into the potential impact of changes could cause outages when these changes are implemented, which usually results in floods of tickets from your employees.

Getting better visibility into your IT environment makes it easier to support your organization as you can understand how your technology landscape impacts your employees. You can tie these insights to your IT service management practices and make more informed decisions on your infrastructure. To give your organization greater visibility into your IT infrastructure, we have introduced a new Configuration Management Database (CMDB) data model and visual map to SolarWinds Service Desk!


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