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Welcome to Monitoring Central

Level 10

SolarWinds THWACK® community has grown to become one of the largest and most active communities for IT professionals, expecting about two million unique visitors this year alone.

We see it as a great opportunity to have a conversation and to connect.

IT is changing all the time. That’s what makes it such an interesting industry. SolarWinds® solutions have been changing, too. In addition to our traditional product line, powered by the Orion® Platform, SolarWinds now offers a remote monitoring product line for MSPs, and a portfolio of cloud monitoring products for DevOps teams building cloud-first applications.

This makes it more important than ever that we have a space to connect with customers and with the IT industry. This is that space.

Monitoring Central complements our two other blog communities on THWACK: Geek Speak, where you can read opinions from industry thought leaders, and the Product Blog, where you find out about product updates and new releases.

Monitoring Central is a new space to talk about all things monitoring.

We invite you to participate, ask questions, voice your opinions, and actively participate in this blog. For example, write a comment below suggesting any topics you would like to hear about.

We look forward to the conversation.


I really appreciate you creating this section.   Now I have even more places to make me feel further behind.   OK I'm kidding but this will no doubt be a welcomed piece for all of us IT'ers out there. 

Level 10

I like the sound of this. The 'centralizing' aspect is actually the most challenging part due to the wide variety of tools most IT shops are running.

Level 21

I think this will be an awesome new addition to Thwack.  I have often wanted to post conversations that were less product specific and never really found a great place for that in the past so I am really looking forward to this.

Great idea! Adding a 'catch all' section for all things monitoring will allow people to talk more freely about monitoring, and the general topics around the art of metric manipulation


Followed and bookmarked, thanks.

Level 12

A perfect addition to THWACK. Centralized and focused, going to make staying up-to-date and in touch with monitoring subjects much much easier. Awesome!

OK, bring on the meat & potatoes.  I'm looking to see what I can learn from others' questions, maybe even generate my own (once I get a feel for the content of this forum).

Management came to my team recently, saying "Department X needs to have a Reserved IP address on our corporate WLAN--something they can use from any site in any U.S. state.  They need to do real-time streaming of two video monitoring/conversations of employees interacting with customers. (I'm thinking This sounds like Big Brother in action, but I say nothing).  When can we have that IP address?  Oh, and, by the way, we expect you to provide Q.o.S for all this traffic, so it works flawlessly, no matter the bandwidth utilization on any given site's WAN pipe.  And just to be able to prove to the customer that everything's working well, you've got to monitor this 7x24 and show us the performance of that wireless video conversation anytime we want to see it."

Ooookayyy . . . .

Yes, I can build a static address for them that'll work across any of my sites.  Yes, I can set up Q.o.S. for that address.  And yes, I can monitor it with NPM and NTA--maybe even with QoE.

How would YOU support the monitoring section of this, and be able to prove you did your job, and that if problems arise, the right people will get the right alerts immediately?

(Yes, it would be nice if this were a hypothetical situation I just dreamed up, but it's something that made it into my inbox on my first day of vacation.  I should NEVER check my e-mail when I'm on vacation . . .)

Level 21

Hrm, I had originally thought by this description that this was a blog where us members of the community could post stuff, but that doesn't seem like the case?

Level 10

I agree with your original thought but don't see what makes you feel "that doesn't seem like the case". SolarWinds is good, but good is the enemy of great. The only way to get better is to be willing to accept criticism about the way you currently do something and be open to alternative methodology. When referencing "a new space to talk about all things monitoring" I think that means regardless of who's product it is. I believe the expectation is that people conduct themselves in a respectful, polite, and constructive manner.

Level 21

techbender​ I was pointing out "that doesn't seem like the case" because I didn't see a way that I would be able to post a Blog into this space; I had originally thought based on the description of this space that I would be able to do so; that's all.  I wasn't questioning SolarWinds willingness to take criticism or be compared to other products, they have always been very good about that in the past; I didn't expect that to change now.

Level 10

Oh, I see. I just figured that since this was brand new that they had not yet opened it up for posting aside from this to get feed back from all of us. Maybe gerardodada​​ can respond and let us know?

Level 9

I agree with byrona.  I look at all the posts in this blog and they are all created by SolarWinds employees and mostly by Marketing.  Where can I start a topic about questions I have on monitoring and alerting?  In particular I wanted to ask about the content in the SolarWinds Lab Monitoring 201 episode, but not sure where to post them.  I don't see any area for discussion in the SolarWinds Labs under the specific video. I guess all discussion goes into one big conversation on the main SolarWinds Labs blog.  I thought posting here might make it more relevant, but I guess I have to get a job at SolarWinds Marketing department first.

You can ask questions of Thwack members by clicking the Create link in the upper right, and selecting Discussion:


If you have questions about a specific video, there should be a Comments link on that page; questions might be asked there.

When you view the video, the members featured will be named.  You can search for them in Thwack and IM them specific questions.

Swift packets!

Rick Schroeder

Level 9

Ok, thanks rschroeder​.  I was looking in the wrong place, I guess.  I saw in the NPM product blog the actions menu has


but here all I get is


That's a good one.  It appears you're clicking too low, on the "Actions" drop-down.  Do you have a "Create" dropdown above it?


If you're logged in, and don't have a "Create" option, it's time to talk with some of the Thwack staff about why it's missing for you.

Level 10

First, apologies for not responding earlier.

The good news is that Yes, we are happy to receive submissions from Thwack members to be published on Monitoring Central. We can't promise to publish everything, it needs to follow our guidelines and probably go through some quick review. If you have a post to submit or you want to discuss an idea for a post, please shoot me a message or to DanielleH​ . I would love to see over 50% of the posts on these blogs coming from community experts like you.

If you would like to have a regular column, SolarWinds also runs a product-agnostic site where a few experts have regular columns to publish as often as they wish on anything related to monitoring.