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The Perfect Lab - Cloud and GNS3

Level 18

One of the challenges monitoring engineers face is building a lab that's both representative of their environment and not a complete mirror image of production, which is functionally impractical, unsupportable, and impossibly expensive. In this session, Head Geeks Sascha Giese and Leon Adato show you how to build a lab (whether temporary or long-term) in AWS or Azure, using a cloud-based instance of GNS3 to mimic a set of devices along with a cloud-based instance of the Orion Platform to monitor the whole thing! 

About the Author
In my sordid career, I have been an actor, bug exterminator and wild-animal remover (nothing crazy like pumas or wildebeasts. Just skunks and raccoons.), electrician, carpenter, stage-combat instructor, American Sign Language interpreter, and Sunday school teacher. Oh, and I work with computers. Since 1989 (when you got a free copy of Windows 286 on twelve 5¼” floppies when you bought a copy of Excel 1.0) I have worked as a classroom instructor, courseware designer, desktop support tech, server support engineer, and software distribution expert. Then about 14 years ago I got involved with systems monitoring. I've worked with a wide range of tools: Tivoli, Nagios, Patrol, ZenOss, OpenView, SiteScope, and of course SolarWinds. I've designed solutions for companies that were extremely modest (~10 systems) to those that were mind-bogglingly large (250,000 systems in 5,000 locations). During that time, I've had to chance to learn about monitoring all types of systems – routers, switches, load-balancers, and SAN fabric as well as windows, linux, and unix servers running on physical and virtual platforms.