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We’ve been listening to our SolarWinds® IP Address Manager (IPAM) customers who have ventured down the path of cloud automation, and we would like to share with you a new solution from SovLabs. It’s geared toward solving end-to-end IP address management for vRealize Automation (vRA).

The issue

vRA is widely used to provide self-service automation for infrastructure provisioning. One of the gaps in self-service is finding the next available IP address to assign to a new virtual machine. This requires a workflow that involves changing tools and manually looking for an address, which can be time-consuming and error-prone.

How does SovLabs help?

The SovLabs® vRA Integration Pack for SolarWinds consists of IPAM and DNS integration modules for VMware® vRealize® Automation based on the new SolarWinds IPAM API. The modules bring a simplistic approach to integrating SolarWinds IPAM with vRA. Combining IPAM with the SovLabs vRA Integration Pack enables a fully automated method of obtaining and releasing IP addresses as well as DNS record creation and removal as the cloud environment dynamically scales.   IP subnets can now easily be shared between vRA deployments alongside existing tools/devices with little fear of IP address conflicts.

SovLabs IPAM and DNS modules eliminate the pain of building and managing custom workflows by simplifying the integration between SolarWinds IPAM and vRealize Automation using a software-driven approach.  The modules share a built-in template engine that allows for dynamic data to be injected into endpoint definitions and configurations. Need to customize the comments field for IPAM records using vRA metadata?  Here’s an example of how to dynamically generate the comments using vRA properties via the SovLabs Template Engine configured on the SovLabs SolarWinds IPAM endpoint:

This comment template:

Reserved by {{ownerName}} on {{creationDate}} via vRA {{plugins.vCAC}} using blueprint {{blueprintName}} (NIC# {{SovLabsIPAMProfile.nic}})

Is rendered and inserted as a comment during VM provisioning/IP assignment:

Reserved by on 2016-10-07T14:23:38.360 via vRA 7.3.0 using blueprint Win2012R2 Prd (NIC# 0)

Getting started

To get started, create a SolarWinds endpoint, then create/link to an IPAM profile and DNS configuration, and finally associate to the blueprint – all directly in vRA.



For more information on the SovLabs vRA Integration Pack for SolarWinds and to request a free trial, visit the SovLabs website or email

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Nice article and it's very nice to see SolarWinds continuing to develop and grow with the changes in IT.