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SQL Plan Warnings Free Tool Puts a Light on Your Query Plans

Level 9

Let’s dream for a while—imagine your databases. All of them are running fast and smooth. There’s no critical issue, no warnings. All requests are handled immediately and the response time is literally immeasurable. Sounds like a database nirvana, doesn’t it? Now, let’s face reality. You resolved all critical issues of the database, but people still report slowdowns. Everything looks good at a first glance, but your sixth sense tells you something bad is happening under the surface. You could start shooting in the dark and hope that you will hit the target, or you need more information about what’s going inside the database to make a single, surgically precise cut to solve the problem.

We’ve got good news for you. SolarWinds has a new tool called SQL Plan Warnings. For the first time, you can inspect the list of queries that have warnings without spending hours on manual and labor-intensive work. Oh, and we almost forgot to mention—this tool is available for you right now for free.

Why do we believe that the free SQL Plan Warnings tool can help you improve your databases? Well, SQL Server Optimizer often comes up with bad plans with warnings. That can cause increased resource consumption, increased wait time, and unnecessary end-user or customer angst. For these reasons, a database professional should look at it. But we don’t always have time or resources to do so.

SQL Plan Warnings free tool at a glance:

  • Gives you unique visibility into plan warnings that can be easily overlooked and can affect query performance
  • Sort all warnings by consumed CPU time, elapsed time, or execution
  • Filter results by warning type or by specific keywords
  • Investigate plan warnings, query text, or complete query plan in a single click
  • No installation is needed—just download the tool and run
  • Runson Microsoft Windows and MacOS X

And what can SQL Plan Warnings check for you?

  • Spill to TempDB – Sorts that are larger than estimated can spill to disk via TempDB. This can dramatically slow down queries. There are two similar warnings that fall into this category.
  • No join predicates – Query does not properly join tables/objects, which can cause Cartesian products and slow queries.
  • Implicit conversion – A column of data is being converted to another data type, which can cause a query to not use an index.
  • Missing indexes – SQL Server is telling us there is an index that may help performance.
  • Missing column statistics – If statistics are missing, it can lead to bad decisions by the optimizer.
  • Lookup warning – An index is being used, but it's not covering an index, and a visit back to the table is required to complete the query.

The free SQL Plan Warnings tool brings a fresh new feature to your database management capabilities and gives you another tool to improve query performance. Download it here today and be another step closer to our dream—everything in a database running fast and smooth with no critical issues and no warnings.


Nice new tool. I'm getting this information to a DBA that we have with one of our customers.

Level 14

going to have one of my team start to use it

Just shared this with our developers and data analytics team. They found ​"a few" ​opportunities.

Level 12

Definitely going to run this against a couple of our databases where we've been having issues.