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Putting Your Logs Where They Belong – Inside the Orion Console

Level 12

You’ve been asking and we’ve been listening.  We are excited to announce that the newest member of the SolarWinds product family, Log Manager for Orion, is now available for trial.  Built on the Orion Platform, Log Manager provides unified infrastructure performance and log data in a single console. No need to hop back and forth between your infrastructure and log monitoring tools.

Through platform integration with Network Performance Monitor, Server & Application Monitor, and other Orion based products, Log Manager closes the gap between performance and log data.  With Log Manager you get:

  • Log aggregation
  • Filtering by Log Type, Level, Node name, IP Address, and more
  • Keyword, IP address, and Event ID search
  • Interactive log charting
  • Color-coded event tagging

To learn more about Log Manager, visit the Log Manager Thwack Forum or to try for yourself in your environment, download a free trial.


Can it replace the SIEM functionality, bad-pattern-recognition, alerting, and massive amount of messages per second capabilities of our Splunk?

Or is it sized like LEM?

Level 12

Log Manager for Orion is not intended to be a SIEM solution.  It is intended to provide log aggregation, searching, filtering, and visualization in the same console as NPM or SAM. 

Thank you.