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Increase Visibility into IT Assets with New SolarWinds Discovery and Orion Platform Integration

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It can be difficult in today’s IT landscape to get a complete picture of your hardware and software assets. Many organizations have technology assets spread across multiple locations and globally while maintaining both physical and virtual environments. This is compounded by multiple asset data repositories, which results in organizations lacking a single source of truth for their IT assets.   

A centralized, up-to-date IT asset repository can be valuableIt provides insights into IT assets, helps reduce overspending on unnecessary infrastructure, identifies potential risks, and can even improve compliance with software purchases. Knowing what assets you have is also an important first step to building a Configuration Management Database (CMDB), which helps you understand how your underlying infrastructure supports IT service management (ITSM) and impacts the services you provide to employees. 

This is why we launched SolarWinds Discovery in 2019  to accurately discover, map, and manage your IT assets in SolarWinds® Service Desk. Today, we’re excited to announce that SolarWinds Discovery now integrates with the Orion® Platform, which enables you to consolidate and gain visibility into IT asset information from the Orion Platform within SolarWinds Service Desk  


Overview of the Integration 

This new integration is part of our commitment to deliver more value to IT professionals by creating synergies between SolarWinds Service Desk and the Orion Platform. It builds on a previous integration, which accelerated response and resolution to infrastructure issues by automating creation of incidents and improving two-way communication between the Orion Platform and SolarWinds Service Desk.  

Many of the most popular SolarWinds monitoring products, including Network Performance Monitor (NPM), Network Configuration Monitor (NCM), and Server and Application Monitor (SAM) reside on the Orion Platform. This means that information on IT assets such as networks, servers, applications, and other infrastructure also reside on the Orion Platform 


Orion Integrations Diagram.png

Connecting SolarWinds Discovery to the Orion Platform allows you to easily import detailed Orion node information (i.e. IT assets) into SolarWinds Service Desk. When combined with other asset discovery methods in SolarWinds Discovery, such as agent-based technology, agentless scanning, and integrations with other configuration management tools, this solution gives you a single repository that offers comprehensive visibility into IT assets.  Let’s dive into some of the top use cases addressed by this integration.  


Key Use Cases 

Configuration Management 

Importing Orion asset data into Service Desk also allows you to align asset information with ITSM processes since you can now automatically populate and keep your CMDB up-to-date with the latest configuration information.  

A fully populated CMDB gives you a clear understanding of how your technology supports your IT services with configuration items (CIs) for every IT asset in your organization. This creates a complete picture of the different components in your infrastructure and allows you to create relationships between these CIs, helping you to identify how these components work together.   

By aligning Orion assets with your CMDB, you can avoid service disruptions and outages. For example, this helps you reduce the impact to employees when scheduling changes to your infrastructure because you know how CI information imported from the Orion Platform affects other CIs, which supportIT service delivery. 


You can better understand the root causes of network and systems infrastructure issues by attaching detailed configuration information from the Orion Platform to SolarWinds Service Desk incidents. 

When troubleshooting outages or performance issues in IT infrastructure on the Orion Platform, identifying the root causes of these issues can be difficult and time-consuming. IT teams may lack visibility into these root causes due to missing or incomplete configuration information. For instance, a troublesome network device could have a history of performance issues that has resulted in multiple service desk incidents and led to a repeatable solution for resolving these issues. When this context is added to Orion configuration information and included in SolarWinds Service Desk incidents, IT teams can quickly diagnose and resolve these infrastructure issues.  

IT Asset Management 

Incorporating IT assets from the Orion Platform into SolarWinds Service Desk enables you to consolidate asset information from this platform and other sources into a single, up-to-date repository.  

This helps you to make better business decisions. By knowing which assets you have, you can gain better insights into where your IT teams are spending their money, which helps you lower the risks of unknown assets impacting service availability and software licensing. As a result, you can keep CAPEX under control while mitigating the risks to IT service availability and software compliance. 

If you have any questions or feedback on this integration, please comment below. You can also check out these new capabilities by starting a free 30-day trial of SolarWinds Service Desk today.