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Improving Database Insights for APM

Product Manager

Getting to the root cause of application performance problems is tricky with limited or no database visibility. Product experts Jared Hensle and John Potocny will show you how to get both high-level health status and along with insights into infrastructure, application, and database performance whether you are running in the cloud or on-premises using SolarWinds® AppOptics™ and SolarWinds Database Performance Monitor. Many APM solutions come up short when the problem resides in the database. SolarWinds AppOptics and Database Performance Monitor can provide high-level health status down to the deepest levels of infrastructure, application, and database performance whether you’re running in the cloud or on-premises.



AppOptics Datasheet 

Database Performance Monitor Datasheet 

DevOps for the Database 

How to Architect and Build Highly Observable Systems 

Deploy Code With Confidence 

Get Complete Visibility for Faster Application Troubleshooting 


About the Author
New Jersey born and raised. Go YANKEES and JETS :-) Moved to Texas when I was 16 years old making me an official Texan too (I think). Went to college to be an EE and determined there was to much math (like way to much math) and switched to MIS and never looked back. Was always into tech/computers/home AV so this was a nature fit. Just an internship within the IT department of Coca Cola and was hooked. Eventually moved over to and MSP to eventually running my own MSP for SMBs all over Texas. Made my way down in Austin 4 years ago and it's been the one of the best decisions I have ever made.