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How Well Do You Really Know Your Orion Environment?

Level 10

If your Orion® Platform environment monitors business-critical systems, guess what? The Orion Platform itself is business-critical. But how well do you know your installation? In this session, we'll show how to quickly perform an Orion Platform environment review to help you understand your Orion Platform and SQL Environments, and gain insights on installation, configuration, and optimization. Learn how your system is performing today and what's needed to maintain a stable healthy system optimized to scale and perform to the highest standards.




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Hi All, Well I can be classed as typical IT Geek, have all the lastest tech SkyHD, 360, PS3, Wii, Huge Tele Etc... :o) Travelled to Over 30 Different Countries at this Stage. Huge Soccer Fan, Up Liverpool....! Met Ronaldihno once in Monaco, what a Legend. Software and Development with Networking in College, CCNA Qualified. Now Based in Cork with the mighty Solarwinds. Slainte From Ireland Kevin