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CIO 2020 Hot Take: The Year of the IT Pro (Pt. 1)

If you’re an IT professional, you likely already know 2020 has been a trying—but also potentially outstanding—year for IT departments. But how often do you get a chance to have a casual conversation with your CIO about why your expertise, hustle, and hard work is important to the business overall? Many businesses have been reminded IT is a competitive asset when communication is streamlined, and goals are clear. In part one of our discussion, you’ll hear from a diverse set of CIOs sharing perspectives on their teams’ 2020 efforts. You’ll also learn how empowered IT allows both executives and IT pros to deliver more with less friction and reshape the relationship between IT pros, managers, and leadership.


About the Author
I'm the Head Geek and technical marketing director at SolarWinds, (which basically means I'm an mature geek in the services of the product team). When I say geek I mean Geek, with extreme prejudice. I started writing assembly on my Apple II, got a BITNET email account in 1984, ran a BBS @ 300 baud, survived X.25, abused Token Ring, got some JavaScript award love in '96, and my hack flight notification service still backs Along the way in various jobs I’ve been a developer, SE, PM, PMM, and now principal evangelist. (Let us all join hands around the server.) Over 10 years at SolarWinds I’ve hatched our online live demo systems, managed the SolarWinds Certified Professional program, launched the Head Geek program, helmed SolarWinds Lab and THWACKcamp, and these days I’m focused on the hairball that is Hybrid IT, Cloud, DevOps and helping IT admins learn new skills not just to manage increasing complexity, but accelerate their careers. I’m always looking for new and more fiendish ways to use our products- just like our customers. And when I have a few spare minutes I fly a little when the weather is good.