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What Are We Working on for Mobile Admin

To receive updates on the Mobile Admin roadmap, JOIN thwack and BOOKMARK this page.


Could you please PM me on the status of the product.  I have some questions about the longer term strategy.

Been a LONG time since any updates....

Hi, can you supply an update on the Roadmap - Are you looking to do a BES 12 solution or is that being dropped.

Are you going to develop this product anymore or should we just stop paying the yearly maintenance?

I presume this update is just like the Web Help Desk mobile update, where it's getting updated to 64-bit as the Appstore is dropping 32-bit.

Will there be any new functionality or will it be like-for-like?

It will be like-for-like.

Are we expecting any new updates for Mobile Admin or has this reached a halting point where it'll lead to end-of-life?

Although there haven't been any replies to the road map questions, I figured I would go ahead and ask as well since I am now at maintenance expiration/renewal time. I see at the top of the page that the iOS version is being migrated to 64 bit, however at the very least the interface is quite dated at this point.

Is Mobile Admin now an ORPHANED child?

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