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snmpv2 vcenter appliance

I need assistance configuring snmpv2 for a vmware vcenter appliance please.

What I've done...

- SSH'd to the appliance (

- configured the IP, port, community string, etc

- enabled snmp

- ran the snmp.test command

- success = true

Then I went to SW (2015.1.2)...

- selected the SNMP and ICMP radio button

- selected v2

- entered matching port and community string

- clicked Test

- Test Failed

Any help is appreciated.


(I'm new here and I tried searching, but I couldn't find anything...granted I didn't spend too much time searching though, so I apologize if I'm just being lazy too.)

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This probably belongs more in the NPM forum, but we don't eat n00bs here.

What do you get back if you run snmp.get on the VCSA?

Does the community name there match what you gave Orion? I've gotten boned by VMware SNMP before because the string didn't properly handle non-alphanumeric characters in the community name.

What OS is your Orion server on?

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