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Loggly: What We're Working On (Updated On March 10, 2020)

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Search UX Improvements - In the spirit of continuing to stay focussed on the simple and easy to use theme, we will roll out a series of improvements to the search UX page in the coming weeks to ensure our users have a seamless experience when troubleshooting to quickly identify and fix problems. 

Volumetric's Tool (Beta) - We believe it's critical for organizations to understand the usage of their large volume of logs from a myriad of systems to effectively manage them. We're working on a new UI dashboard that will allow you to easily understand the source of your log volumes, and see usage by host or applications contributing to the overall volume. This tool will also help you to decrease the verbosity of specific noisy applications. 

Log Filtering - We will provide the ability for users to gain more granular control over variations in log volume and value in order to help them enrich their logs with contextual data without accepting the high cost of indexing. 

Log Rehydration - Incentivize users to retain fewer log events within the loggly platform by providing the ability to rehydrate via an archive (Eg: AWS S3 bucket) when needed. This will enable users to decrease their retention period across all their log sources to further reduce costs. 

Integration with AppOptics (APM) - Provide users with a single pane of glass view to monitor their cloud environments comprehensively. We will roll out Combined navigation to provide a unified and integrated product experience with AppOptics. In addition to this, we will also enable common dashboards to enable full observability into cloud environments with metrics, logs and traces in a single place. 

Latest Release - March 10, 2020

In the spirit of being customer inspired, we are excited to introduce two new features today: 

  • Significant improvements to the Loggly trial user on-boarding process - Loggly customers can realize the power and value of loggly only when they have log data loaded and ready to support their trial of key features like search, delighted alerting, and dashboarding - the reasons users evaluate a log management solution in the first place.
  • Introduction of a new live support chat function in Loggly, delivering users the ability to quickly get assistance in unlocking the valuer and power of loggly. 

Where can I learn more this release? 

For more information on how the new trial user experience can help users seamlessly onboard into loggly , please visit our support documentation page.  

For more information on how to use live chat function in loggly, please visit our support documentation page.


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Any thoughts on linking integrating Loggly with NCM Real Time Change Detection? If loggly is handling all the logs, forwarding those events or triggering the NCM backup job based on change detection seems like a natural fit.

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