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Solarwinds Lab #42 - All About Alerts


Monitoring alerts are frequently vague and generally noisy. But that's just a fact of life, right? Wrong! When you understand the concepts behind effective alerting, they can become a critical aspect of the stability of your IT environment. Join SolarWinds Head Geeks Thomas LaRock and Leon Adato as they dig into those concepts including de-duplication of identical events, suppressing downstream messages, leveraging baseline data for truly intelligent alert thresholds, and complex alert triggers. They will also discuss the philosophy and fallacies around alerting process that bog down teams and make alerts less effective.

Show notes:

- SolarWinds Lab Episode 40

- WWTGD for alerts and polling cycles

- “Black Swan” Events in IT

- Participate in UX Surveys


Awesome video, thanks guys.

I have to use automated triggers more - fact. My "control-freak" mind is not letting me to utilise this function full on - always feels like we better not mess up with critical systems trying to guess remediation steps. On the other side, if we are damn sure about the root cause, then I would better setup scheduled automated process to trigger on schedule to perform those steps, rather then waiting for the alert to fire at random. Scripted volume housekeeping (old logs archive and removal) is pretty common scenario on many servers

Also - great point about links to KB articles inside the alerts - point taken, going to implement right now.

You guys talking a lot about the noise, 1000 and 1000 of messages - pretty common scenario. I just wanted to share report that I use to highlight that noise. It is SQL base but will work in any NPM 11.5+ Knowing your top polluters helps to focus on what sort of alerts you do need to focus on first to fine-tune to get the most positive impact: Repetitive Email Alerts (Noise) - MUST HAVE REPORT!!!

Thanks again,


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