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Upgrade of Primary poller server Hardware and Windows 2003 OS to New Server


We are having 4 Poller with external DB (SQL) & need to Upgrade Primary Poller which in Windows 2003 R2 Enterprise, Solarwinds Products Installed : NPM 10.6, NCM 7.2.1 & SAM 6.0.0 is running on the same.

Server team requested server configuration & OS details for New Server, after sharing the same will get New Server for installing the above Solarwinds product on New Server.

you suggesting required on NEW server configuration & OS to be installed so that the Solarwinds all the Module run smoothly.

appreciate quick suggestion for the same, Thanks Khan

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Level 12


* 32-48GB of RAM.

* Dual Septicore processors, something like Xeon x5650 or better.

* 4x146 or 300GB 15k SAS 2.5".

A used HP DL360 G6 for around the 1-$2000 price point would fit the bill nicely.


* 72GB (or more) RAM

* 8x300GB SAS 15k + 2 146GB boot drives

* Dual Xeon x5650

A used HP DL380 G6 off the used market when I recently checked was around $3300.

Adjust specs for your taste, depending on how many concurrent elements/components/UnDP's, and how long you expect to retain data

My experience says that will give you plenty of headroom until your database exceeds 72GB, in which case, you want to add RAM to cache the full table set to maintain average disk queue length of .1, alternatively, you can hold off on adding RAM theoretically until you hit average disk queue length of 8, but I wouldn't let it get past 2 if I could avoid it, spikes are to be expected but average over 24 hours is more critical.


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