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Level 15

Topics you'd like us to cover?

Are there any IT topics you'd like us to cover in SolarWinds Labs? We're putting together our first episode now, and taking suggestions for episodes to follow. We'd love to hear about technical IT challenges you're facing or things you'd just like to learn more about. We'll cover them in our episode along with any questions you send us. We'll also have live Q&A during the episode broadcast.

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Level 7

Hints, tips, best pratices and tricks about WPM

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Level 9

I would like to see a lab to help me get started aligning the data viewed in Orion with the structure of our business.  Yes, "that's different for every company", but there is 90% the same.

My sample company organizes everything by software name (e.g. Active Directory, Agile, MS SQL, etc.).

Here's what I would expect as a good start for alignment:

1. A separate view for each software.

  1.1. Show only the devices that implement the software.

  1.2. Show all Application Monitors applied to those devices.

2. A separate alert for each software.

  2.1. Initially, just a notification when a device goes down.

3. The devices in 1.1 should always be the same as those in 2.1.

  3.1. An easy way to add and removed devices from this grouping.


I need to ensure that the business is using the monitoring system, from the System Administrator to the Business Analyst to the CIO levels.  This means that the system needs to be clearly organized and easy to navigate.  Additionally, during the process of alignment, devices will be added and removed as parts of a 'software' as the business identifies inter-dependencies, breaks-down the 'software' designation into a 'service' designation, and as Orion non-experts are expected to maintain the devices associated with a 'software'.

The grouping part (3.) has been a personal pain point.  After about 6 attempts, I've not been able to get the Groups to work properly with View Limitations in constraining the devices appearing on a view.  I think seeing a working example will help me understand what I'm doing wrong.

I think seeing a good and functional example of this setup will help lots of new users quickly get up-and-running within Orion.  They will be able to use this as a template to expand as their knowledge grows.

Level 8

1. Using the Google Map API in NPM/Network Atlas.

2. Creating objects on the Google map.

3. NPM/SAM optimization, i.e., how to clean up an inherited installation of SW NPM & various add-on modules.

2nd That:

  1. Google Map API in NPM/Network Atlas
  2. Creating objects on the Google map
  3. Best practices for map optimizations for multiple Web GUI users
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For #3, are you asking for an overview of custom maps for individual users or teams?

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Sorry pHubb,

I didn't notice that was a reply to me.....yes on Teams, but not really an overview.  So I envision as I build out, I will be making multiple maps and associating them to Departments or Teams of web users.  Each team/dept would have a map that makes sense to their respective area of responsibilities.  But I foresee the web server portion of ORION may get bogged down somewhere along the lines depending upon how many maps, how many teams/users, etc. 

So I know it is a high level question - but I was wondering if there were any tips as to keeping your maps informative, precise, with statuses, but hopefully scalable to multiple teams where it does not cause too much of an increase in load times for my users.  Since I am a network engineer and not a Web Developer....just trying to glean some foresight on how to build the maps as a knowledgeable Web Dev geek would.  Something like use jpeg rather than png, because the files are typically smaller or they work better with browsers....I really do not want to become knowledgeable in Web Dev...but understand there is a small need for the learning or pay the piper (good web dev guy) to customize our implementation.



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In case you weren't aware of it, this blog post walks you through using Google Maps with Orion Platform products.

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