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Solarwinds infrastructure build, best practice?

Hi All,


Am very new to Solarwinds and was wondering how best to build the various modules have purchased for scalability.

Currently we have bought and installed the listed modules  along with the embedded database on a single virtual Windows Server 2012R2 with 16gb memory, E5540, 2.53GHz(2 processor)


  1. Network Performance Monitor
  2. Netflow Traffic Analyzer
  3. Server and Application Monitor
  4. Network Configuration Manager


Is there is a document that I can refer to that discusses the limitation of this approach, like how many devices I can expect to support on this build.

What is the best approach as I will be using this  for a managed service solution

How I do build in redundancy? where the servers can exist at two sites and back each other up incase of failure

Thank you.

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Each of the administrative guides will have specific guidelines for each tool as far as how they should be configured and best practices. A few things to note from my experience with (1) NPM, (2)NTA, (3)SAM:

Each has it's own individual configuration requirements. You'll want the main Solarwinds database to not reside on the same virtual server as your orion installation, and if you're running a VM you very likely want the NTA database stored across another server altogether as well.  SAM has it's own credential requirements, which are explicitly separate from NPM's credential requirements, depending on what you are targeting to monitor and how those permissions are monitored.

There is a great deal of information available on the thwack forums and you'll find a lot of content regarding customized/individual application monitors for SAM here especially useful, depending on your scope.

The rest depends on your individual scope and number of items to poll, which may affect the number of pollers and number of web servers that will match your needs.

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