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Level 11

Seeking sql to retrieve Monitors assigned to Nodes

Seeking sql to retrieve Monitors assigned to Nodes - need to create an inventory report, any help would be great ?

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Level 14

Try this query


APM_AlertsAndReportsData.NodeId, APM_AlertsAndReportsData.ApplicationID, APM_AlertsAndReportsData.ComponentID,

Nodes.OwnerGroup, nodes.statusled, APM_AlertsAndReportsData.NodeName,

APM_AlertsAndReportsData.ApplicationStatus, APM_AlertsAndReportsData.ApplicationName,

APM_AlertsAndReportsData.ComponentStatus, APM_AlertsAndReportsData.ComponentName, APM_AlertsAndReportsData.DisplayType

from APM_AlertsAndReportsData

join Nodes on APM_AlertsAndReportsData.NodeId = Nodes.NodeID

order by Nodes.OwnerGroup, APM_AlertsAndReportsData.ApplicationName, APM_AlertsAndReportsData.ComponentName

I can't take the credit for it though.  This is the handiwork of Leon Adato from when he worked here.