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Level 12

SAM Agent consuming more space more than 15GB

Dear Team,

The servers we are monitor by Agent are consuming 15GB of logs file alone


Consuming more  than 15GB any way to reduce the log collection or stop the log collection.

Thanks & Regards,


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Level 12

All the agent are deployed in the server and the Debug mode is OFF and logs count 30. Please check the below snap for more details.


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Hi Raja,

Did you manage to resolve this?

I am seeing the same on our monitored server when using Agents.



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I identified this issue need to check two things

  • Dependency installed
  • version X64 or X86 in agent settings
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that seems a lot would of thought you could stop the agent then delete them.

Do you have SAM monitoring an App on the device, it may have debug mode set?

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