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Level 11

SAM 6.1.1 "where did the Virtualization tab go ?

I just loaded SAM 6.1 and I see the HOME and Application tab.   I was expecting to see the Virtualization tab but its not present, I see virtualization link in the HOME menubar.

Did the virt. tab get removed ?

Does any else have this same issue ?

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Product Manager
Product Manager

For over a year now any/all new installations of SAM and NPM no longer display the Virtualization tab. The virtualization monitoring capabilities of those products remain, but this has been moved from a Tab to a Menu Bar item under the "Home" tab. All previous installations of SAM and NPM prior to this change remain unaffected, even after upgrading to the latest release. The "Virtualization" tab now only appears for new installations when integration with Virtualization Manager is enabled.

Level 15

Hmmm, take a peek here. I don't think anything affected that tab, but I could be wrong. I'll have the PM take a look here. HTH.

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Level 11

cant wait

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