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Pollers - Raritan rPDU's

Hi Thwackers

Is anyone out there using Raritan PDU's? I've just got in a handful of the PX3-5493V's and although the product seems excellent quality and feature rich i'm having a nightmare pulling the stats i'm after into Solarwinds. Wich seemed so much easier with the APC units i setup sometime ago - this of course could be time playing tricks on me and making me thing it was easy!

At this stage i'm after some fairly basic info, standard stuff like make / model / serial number.

Overall power status summary info incoming / outgoing etc

Then a little more detail: an example is the below infor from the Raritan GUI.


With some assistance we have established the OID = OutletActivePower where the bold underlined 1 in the OID refers to the Outlet number. Unfortunately this means creating an individual poller for each port on the PDU and this is just for one value.

Any help would be appreciated to simplify this.

Many thanks


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Re: Pollers - Raritan rPDU's

Did you ever get this working?

We now over 250 Raritan PX devices in our environment.  And of course monitoring is the last to know!

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