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Orion Platform on VM load times

I'm currently running:

Orion Platform 2019.2 SP2

NPM 12.5

NTA 4.6 on a VM.

When I open the web console on the VM- It take a full 2-3 minutes for everything to load; including widgets and navigate between pages.  I created a shortcut on my local machine and everything loads much faster.  I looked at the VM with the server team and per the stats we see- I'm barely at half resource utilization.  Anyone have any thoughts on why this would be happening?  I'm trying to nail down the "little things" before we go-live so I can let people know what's going to give them the best results.


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where is ur VM located, is it different from where u created the shortcut?

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Initially- I was trying to access the web console on the VM that hosted the Orion DB.  I created a shortcut on my laptop (another machine) and it runs much faster.

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from the Orion DB VM also you should be able to load it in same manner and speed.. unless the config is very less or some network bandwidth issue between your Solarwinds and DB VM.

are both your VMs in same location or across different countries...

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They're all in the same location- which is why I find it so curious.  Honestly- At this point, I'm happy to let it go for now.  Overall, it's just a small inconvenience.

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