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OOB Enabled Alerts

Simple question.  For the out of box alerts in Orion that are enabled, is it suggested to leave them enabled if they are not being used or should they be disabled?  Do enabled but unused alerts add any overhead to the process in SolarWinds?

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To be honest the OOB alerts are more for 'this is how it can be done' type of approach, once your Orion platform becomes more sophisticated it might be worth while disabling them and creating some new alerts with the OOB ones as templates for your new alerts to avoid spaming.

I guess if you have 30 - 50 alerts all evaluating every 1 minute and the alert is unable to execute before the next cycle you could have an issue, if this was the case you could alway check the logs, for 'long running queries' or something of that nature.Success Center

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Thank you.  I'm new to actually working with SolarWinds.  I knew what it was and was slightly familiar with their products but was never hands on until now.  I take it from your sentence that some of the OOB alerts are enabled by default once the product is installed or does the admin have to enabled them (never done an install myself).

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On a fresh install they are turned on, also if there is an upgrade where they add new alerts then those will be on by default as well.  I always recommend to disable any alerts that the client hasn't had a chance to go through to validate if they are necessary and if the actions are what you want.   In almost all cases thr default actions will be going to fake email addresses and such so they need to be changed if you want to use them.

- Marc Netterfield, Github
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