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OIDs for HP MSA 2050 SAN

Hi All,

I'm looking for some information/details regarding OIDs for an HP SAN. We recently migrated to a new box in one of the environments my company manages, and I need to set up SNMP monitoring. Doing so is no problem, but I need the OIDs related to array health, which I am having trouble finding. I used an MIB browser on the SAN, but was unable to find what I needed. Can someone point me in the right direction? HP documentation was sparse and I did some googling, I found MIBs and OIDs for HP servers  but am unsure as to how I would verify those as the post is from 2010. Thanks for any and all assistance!

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hpriess   Hi,

I understand that its an old post.

May I know whether you were able to find a solution?

If yes, could you share the same?

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