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Need some real "out of the box" help

Hey thwack,

Got a fun little project I'm working on that I could really use help on.  Every month, like most every other company, we do a maintenance weekend where we are updating servers.  During this time we don't want alerts on these servers.  Currently the team is disabling the alerts during this period and re-enabling them.  Unmanage is not an option as we still need to collect information on these devices while we are working on them.  We just don't want alerts to trigger.  For the beginning of what I'm trying to do I've created a custom property called Maintenance that is a True/False value.  What I'm trying to do is create a button on our Orion webpage that will initially show "Activate" and when pressed will run an update command I have written that will flip the values of this field to true.  The value of the button will then change to De-Activate.  One maintenance is over and this button is clicked I would like it to then run another update query I have written to flip the value to false.   The SQL isn't the hard part, the button is.  I'm a complete NOVICE to web pages.  If anyone out there has designed something similar to this I'd love to know what you did and if you'd be willing to share the web coding piece with me.

Thank you.

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Sorry I cannot help with the button (though I would start here:

That said I have implemented a slightly different workflow where my change requests that are entered into our incident management system include both assets and the planned outage times. I check this with a linked SQL agent job that simply joins on the asset ID and then unmanages or sets a custom property like 'Mute_Node' when the current time is within the main timeframe +/- the time you run your sql job (so if it runs right before the time you don't get alerts)

This results in either a ticket for the planned outage or tickets after the fact - either way we get good documentation. This assumes you have your assets in both systems and it helps if you can have templated tickets.

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We do something similar in our environment.  We have a CMDB for the server environment.  The server team can simply log in and check the "In Maintenance Mode" check box.  This causes an email (not my first choice of notification methods, but it works for now) to be a sent to a 3rd party tool (IBM Omnibus Netcool) where we parse that email into a SQL update for an ODBC connection to the Orion DB.  It updates the N_Mute custom property as well as the N_Mute_Reason field with details of who and when.  When the server team is finished the simply go into the CMDB and remove the servers from maintenance mode from there.

That said, we are in the process of consolidating into an enterprise-wide CMDB where updates will happen via direct SQL updates instead of involving email.

You're definitely wandering along the right path mharveyits just a matter of finding what is available in your enterprise already and determining whether or not it can be mashed together.

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That might be something I can do.  I just have to make sure that the devices are being listed in the change tickets that are being created in our system.  If they are, then I may be able to work with our DBA to get an ODBC connection going and use that information.  Thanks for the idea.

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