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N-Central; Need advice on monitor management

Hi everyone,

First post here, am pleasantly surprised to see how active of a community this seems to be.  I've used a few other comparable products and none of them have a community even close to this active.

So given that you know I'm still getting comfortable with Solarwinds suite, forgive any ignorances that I may or may not show here.

So we've got an abundance of active alerts flooding the 'Active Issues' tab in our N-Central. 

A few days ago, it was even worse.  But I have managed to handle a good portion of the issues that were showing up, except for two that I'm unsure of how to handle.

The first is Patch Status v2 - I've found that this sometimes seems to go away after a reboot, and with our scheduled reboots I'm seeing a decent bit of them are being resolved.  But would appreciate any advice for this.

The biggest offender currently is the SQL Server Buffer Manager error.  The two things setting it off 99% of the time are either, Buffer Cache Hit Ratio and Page Life Expectancy; or sometimes both.

I'm a bit uncomfortable in troubleshooting SQL but if anyone has any offers of suggestion to help narrow my focus, I would appreciate it.


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