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How can we configure IP SLA in VNQM and how it is useful for Customer

How can we configure IP SLA in VNQM and how it is useful for Customer

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1. Add IP SLA capable nodes/devices on  your monitoring . Reference link : Adding Nodes to

    • Assumption:  SNMP   is configured on the devices
    • Assumption: Node is added in the monitoring
    • Assumption : CLI Credentials is configured and tested in VQNM so you can write the configuration via VQNM . Reference link : Configuring CLI Credentials

2. Add IP SLA Operations using VNQM

    IP SLA Operations created by VNQM starts at 40000.

Below is the link to add specific IP SLA individual operations to VNQM     Adding IP SLA Operations

There are several types of  IP SLA Operations . It really depends  on what you really want to monitor .

IP SLA is used to analyze /  quality  performance of your traffic on  your network between devices and provides report/statistic in real time.

Setting this up in your environment,  you are  proactively monitoring the network performance.

Here is one IP SLA Operations :

   Adding  VoIP UDP Jitter IP Sla operations to devices

  • Log in to VNQM as admin
  • GO to Settings
  • Add new IP SLA Operations section
  • Create new Operations and next
  • Select VoIP UDP Jitter
  • Select type of Path
  • Select the Source node, Target Node,
  • Create path
  • Enter Frequency , Port Number,
  • Define your threshold values
  • Rename and create operations.

Reference link " Adding VoIP UDP Jitter IP SLA Operations to Your Devices

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