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Have an Opinion About SolarWinds Lab? We'll Reward Your Thoughts With a Shirt and Endless Gratitude

Take 5 minutes to share your thoughts on SolarWinds Lab - and we'll send the first 50 respondents t-shirts. I can only mail t-shirts to US respondents only, but I'd love to get feedback from folks anywhere around the world. The survey is here: Everyone at Lab really appreciates your time and input.

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Christine, I guess Survey Monkey is having technical issues today, however I wanted to comment on the lab today (9/18/2013).  Thanks for providing such great information.  It is very helpful.  I am still learning the very basics of Orion and every little bit helps.  Although in IT for several years, I have not worked within the performance aspect of it.  My current responsibilities are NPM, SolarWinds Platform and SolarWinds product deployment.  So far, I really enjoy what I am doing.  I learned a lot from the webinar today - probably pretty basic stuff to many, but watching helped to answer some of my questions of about how Orion operates within a virtual environment.  Thanks!

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Hi bnsnickle - I'm so sorry SurveyMonkey was being a pain - and thank you so much for your feedback. Let us know what topics you'd like to see in the future. We're also going to be announcing a training program for in-maintenance customers very soon. We'll keep you posted as that develops.

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I'll be the first one on your list for the training program!! Please keep me posted. I want to get the SolarWinds cert, but it's going to be a while before I'm ready for that. : )

I signed up for the UX op in my profile. I think that would be a really great way to learn. Once I get sort of settled into what I'm doing, I want to download some of the trial versions of the products and play around with them in our lab. It's always fun to play in the lab : )

Thanks so much!



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Basically, we're looking for an up-to-date monitoring software that monitors All Network Devices( routers, switches, access points, servers,Firewalls & Wireless LAN Controller), and pretty much anything else with an IP address. CPU utilization, & Memory Usage

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@ishhyd82 You've come to the right place then!  I'm just a user but can vouch for the ease of use of the products.

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