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Solarwinds Orion (NPM) v 2018.4 sp3

Solarwinds Orion (NPM) v 2018.4 sp3

We ran into an issue where we had 17 Network Discovery profiles setup that were somehow deleted. These deletions did not show up in the audit log nor the Message Center on Orion. Digging deeper, we looked at the table (dbo.DiscoveryProfiles) in SQL and found it was empty except for the latest one we created, which had a ProfileID of 18. I created a case with Solarwinds support and during their testing, confirmed that deleting Network Discovery profiles does not create entries in the audit log nor Message Center.

Just curious if anyone else has run into this.


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Everything should be logged.. more and more people are under one of more compliance structure and reporting of changes to Orion either by a User or the System via automation should be reflected in the Audit section.


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