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Level 9

OLV Trap Alert email or other actions

I am working on setting up a OLV Alert for a trap. I know the message condition I want to alert on and based on that condition I want to send a email to the Support Center and create a pop-up. I do not see any action which allows me to do either. Need assistance with in the tool like normal alerts to send a email etc. See attached. Thanks

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Level 13

Per this link , sending an email as a trap action should be available. Which version are you running?

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Level 10

Bumping this.

It looks like they stripped us of that ability with the upgrade, unless it's on one of the limited built in tags. This has been the biggest draw back of the upgrade to 2019.4. Hoping someone else has had more luck with creating basic syslog and trap alerts. Word to the wise, if you have legacy trap and syslog alerts, do not upgrade to the OLV.

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