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Level 9

LM 24 Syslog Report

Does anyone know how I can take that syslog data in LM and get a 24 hour report emailed to me?  I checked report writer and the only reports they have are devices sending to LM.

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Level 12

I like the idea of emailing a report, just limiting the log count to less than 50 entries.

Otherwise this can be overwhelming, in my opinion.

So filtering would be a great option to include.

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Product Manager
Product Manager

Hi, we recently added an Export to CSV option on the Log Viewer page to export your log data/search results. It isn't currently possible to schedule an export or e-mail the CSV, but it may be a suitable workaround?

For a scheduled report, what would you like to see? All syslog data over the last 24 hours or a filtered set?

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I would like to see all syslog data over the last 24 hours to start.  It would nice in the future to be able to filter it to a specific device.  Do I need to upgrade to 2.0 in order to get the Export to CSV option?  Thanks.

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Out of curiosity, how many syslog would you typically collect over 24 hours? What would be a reasonable limit for you on the number of rows on a 24 hour syslog report?

Yes, in order to avail of the Export to CSV feature, you'll need to upgrade to 2.0. More information on the release available here. Would love to get your feedback on the Export and other features when you upgrade!

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I quickly did a filter for the last 24 hours and now that all my devices are sending to LA, i had over a thousand syslog events in the last 24 hours.  Some days it may be more, some days it may be less.  It may help, you can export or write to PDF instead of a CSV file.  Thanks.

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