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SNMP v3 Trap support

SNMP v3 Trap support

SNMP v3 Trap support

Receive SNMP v3 traps

Forward Syslog messages as SNMP v3 traps

Support receive TCP SNMP traps

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Level 9

SNMP v3 to me is more useful than its earlier versions. The authentication and privacy bits of it make it far better for monitoring network activity while preventing unwanted interception.

Level 14

SNMPv3 Traps are now Supported in Kiwi Syslog as of 9.5

Release notes for version 9.5

- (Released on 08/11/2015)

New Features and Improvements:

  • Added support for IPv6.
  • Log to Papertrail Cloud (new action to log syslog messages to a cloud-based server).
  • Added support to forward SNMP v1, v2, and v3 traps.
  • Added support to send/receive SNMP v3 traps.
  • Allow TrapVarBinds Elements in output.
  • Statistic reports can now be mailed out based on an hourly/daily/weekly/monthly detail.
  • The five web user account restriction has been removed and you can now configure several administrative and standard user accounts in Kiwi Web Access.