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Welcome Kiwi Syslog Users!

On behalf of the SolarWinds product team, I'd like to welcome Kiwi Syslog users to our community!  We're extremely excited to have you on board!  My name is Chris LaPoint and I'll be your Kiwi Syslog Server product manager and customer advocate moving forward.  

I'd love to get your thoughts on where you think Kiwi Syslog Server should go next and any other enhancement requests you might have. 

If you've got ideas, please post away!



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Level 7


Are there any plans to Intergrate Kiwi into the SolarWinds Orion Product ? I would really like to be able to use Kiwi's Syslog Services in place of SW Orion. Also is there anyway to currently to be able to pull from Kiwi's MIB database so that users can view it from the SolarWinds Syslog section ?

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We're working on integration plans now, but we don't have any firm timelines at this point.  We'll certainly engage the community with prototypes, betas, etc. as we move along in this process.

In the interim, you can setup Kiwi Syslog Server and forward critical syslog events to Orion Syslog Server (which makes it visible in the Orion website).  Kiwi Syslog provides the ability to spoof the Syslog UDP packets and effectively use it as a transparent proxy.  This allows you to retain the source IP when the message is forwarded.

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