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Level 7

Super Kiwi syslog server


This is maybe impossible, but worth asking.

I need to run in paralel 3 (later maybe more) Kiwi syslog daemons as services on the same PC.
But each must be independently configurable (by registry, by .ini file or by Syslog Manager).
Each must have it's own UDP input port, filtering settings, message buffer, etc.
A kind of Super Kiwi Syslog Server 🙂

I managed to install and start 3 services, but they are configurable by the same registry key.

Thank you.


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Level 8

You could use a virtualization technology to run 3 virtualized servers on the same hardware.  More complex, but it would provide three environments and let you run the services 3 times on 3 IPs and all on one piece of hardware.

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Level 18

Unfortunately, this is not possible because (as you discovered) all copies will look for the single registry key for settings.   This is not changeable.  

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