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I just downloaded the free 14 day trial of the syslog server yesterday.  I am having one small problem in viewing this software.  When I try to log on to the web access service, I am denied, and I know I am not typing in the wrong username or password.  I have an approx. 8-12 length character password, and after entering it, the password line writes in its own characters.  What I mean is that instead of the 8-12 length character password being entered, the screen freezes, makes the password some 30 characters long, and then denies me.  Any help with this issue would be greatly appreciated.

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The Kiwi Web Access (KWA) encrypts the password before sending it to the server. That is the reason, why you see the password length gets increased.

Our engineering team advises to reinstall the KWA with new user name and password. (You can get the KWA setup from KSS application folder\Setup.) Then use that user name and password.

Please let me know whether it helped.



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