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Manage Password complexity for users of my KiwiSyslog


I am not ready to provide AD access to the users of Kiwi syslog my team.
Kiwi syslog does not support TACACS,, so the only other method is local static user id's.

My users don't want complex passwords,, yet by default kiwi syslog requires 8 characters. 1 upper case, 1 lower case, 1 number & 1 special character.

Is there anyway that I can simplify the password complexity ?
I the minimum complexity to be just 6 characters.
I don't want to require my users to have to place a special character. I don't care if the password has upper or lower case letters.
Can I choose the level of complexity in the password for access to the Web Console of kiwi syslog for my end users ?
I have looked,, but not been able to locate where password complexity can be set up.



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