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Kiwi Syslog - Windows Server 2008 Compatibility

Does version 8.3.48 work on Windows Server 2008?

Kiwi Syslog installed in application mode with out error.

I am trying to get a test message, but the 'Test' button is greyed out even if I enter 127.0.01 as the IP address.  I wonder is this my error or an incompatibility problem.

Guy Thomas.

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Replying to my own question!

The Test button is still greyed out, but I can now generate test messages via the file menu.

Better news, I installed Snare for Windows, the benefit is that I can test the product without needing a router.

Finally, to confirm that Kiwi Syslog does work on Windows Server 2008 (even the 64-bit version).


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We love it when people answer their own questions 😉   Thanks for the confirmation on Windows 2008, but just to be clear, we don't officially support this configuration.  We still need to run a full test on Windows 2008.   If you find any Windows 2008 interoperability issues, please post them in this forum.

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